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Welcome to the Snow Goons 

Welcome to the Snow Goons website, a casual raid-oriented Alliance guild on Dragonblight currently focused on 10-person content.

Please register for our site and visit it often as we do update it with helpful information for our members. From time to time we do recruit new players.  You can see classes currently needed at the bottom our our site banner.  We invite you to apply if you feel we would be a good fit for you.

Snow Goons is governed by a council of the following members :
Ayiana, Corann and Tirianin

Please feel free to contact any of us in game with questions you may have.

Other Guild News

More patch 4.2 info

gondrin, Jun 11, 11 1:58 AM.
From various sources(MMO-champion and others), it seems to be that patch 4.2 will be due out on June 21st, so earlier then what was expected. The current revision on the PTR is a release candidate so sometime in the next couple of weeks, we should be seeing the patch.

Major Tier 11 Raid content Nerfs

gondrin, May 24, 11 2:47 PM.
For those that do run with us, come Patch 4.2, ALL current raid content is getting nerfed to the tune of 20% HP and standard damage nerfs, 40% or greater special ability damage nerfs, 100% or greater CD increases to boss abilities, decreased add HP and amount of adds and basically, just making it a lot easier to deal with. You can find more info at

Some examples:

  • Damage and hit points reduced by 20%.
  • Lava Parasites have been diminished
  • Lava Spew damage, Magma Spit damage, Massive Crash damage, and Infectious Vomit damage have all been been reduced.
  • Mangled Lifeless no longer instantly kills, and damage has been reduced.
  • Parasitic Infection has been decreased.
Omnotron Council
  • Barrier absorb amount increased by 100%.
  • Increased the cooldown on Power Conversion (Converted Power chance).
  • Health, Melee damage, Electrical Discharge damage, Lightning Conductor damage, Health of Poison Bomb, Incineration Security Measure damage, Arcane Annihilator damage, has all been reduced by 20%.
  • Flamethrower damage has been reduced by 40%.
  • Static Shock caused by Unstable Shield damage and Poison Bomb damage has been decreased by 50%.
Of course, this could easily change when it comes to live but I dont see why it would as it is old content in blizzard eyes and gets nerfed accordingly.

Expect 4.2 sometime around the end of July/beginning of August, so not that far off.

Snow goons best the triplets

gondrin, Jun 24, 10 3:10 PM.
Snow Goons have downed the Blood Princes after a month or so of trying and are making more progress through ICC. Only the Blood Queen, Sindragosa and the big man himself are left to down. Congrats to all that were there.

Snow goons down PP and Dreamwalker

gondrin, Jun 11, 10 5:41 PM.
Yes, the goons are advancing further and further into ICC by downing the Dreamwalker and Professor Putricide. Soon, we will have down the Blood Princes and other bosses.

Upcoming Cataclysm Raid Changes

gondrin, May 19, 10 4:11 PM.
There is a new post on the forums for the raid changes in cataclysm. Some of the changes are quite big.
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